Graphic Design

Your marketing collateral

People don't like to read, they like to see graphic content like images, videos, gifs, infographics etc. Infusion Arc is an interdisciplinary full fleshed web design agency in the heart of Mumbai that combines visual art, interactive design and cutting-edge technologies to create smart multimedia experiences.

Infusion Arc implements graphic design concepts that accurately convey qualities about your firm and helps better position your brand in the marketplace through its logo, website, marketing tools, brochures, signage, exhibits, animations etc.

The print is the paper version of your identity.

Our graphic design services include brochure & presentation designing, Infographics designing, Flyering & triptique, Posters, Custom invitations, Magazines & reports, print advertising design, trade show booth design.

We are specialized in brochure designing because brochure helps convey information about a company, communicating its goals with clarity and imagination in a visually appealing manner. Brochures help increase an organization's exposure to a virtually unlimited audience.